Due to issues with the prior administration….things will be bad

Of course what the blog title really means is “oh sh**, I’ve really screwed this thing up…but fortunately I can blame the last guy and nobody will notice”.

I was thinking over the weekend, how many people in life blame the “prior administration”?

Think about politicians….they never take ownership and accept blame themselves, instead they survive for the first part of their term by blaming “the prior administration”. Then….once voters start to see through that, then they move on to blaming someone else until ultimately everyone realizes that they are FoS and votes them out of office…and so the chain is repeated.

The same is true of sales execs….in all the years that I’ve been managing sales teams, I’ve never seen a sales exec take over another sales exec’s territory and say “wow, there is a ton of qualified opportunities here to work on”. Instead, the most sure fire way to see an entire sales funnel disappear is to assign the territory to a new sales exec. “Nope…all that funnel was unqualified and none of it was any good!”

But…hopefully when you ultimately make it to the mgmt/executive ranks in any organization, you no longer use “the prior administration” as a lame excuse.

Take ownership, admit mistakes, admit struggles but have a plan;  your team will realize that you are human and will want to follow you…..it’s funny how I completely disagree with so many of the so called “best practices” of management….but then I guess that’s the difference between someone that runs business for success versus a politician that is only interested in protecting their own best interests and reputation.

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