Weird stuff

I spoke to a Boston based recruiter yesterday – turns out that he used to play rugby with a good friend of mine in England. How random is that? (my friend is not in the software business).

Had a dream the other day….that alligators were chasing myself and my kids. Really vivid. Woke up in the morning and my daughter said to me “Dad, I had a bad dream last night. I dreamt that we were all being chased by alligators”. And she went on to tell me the details and it was exactly the same as mine….and no, we had not watched any TV show about alligators. That one was freaky.

I saw an article the other day about the “house price boom” that is starting to happen in the Bay Area, and how it will get frantic as soon as Facebook and all the others finally IPO. Then I saw an article about house prices in Las Vegas, and other parts of the US and how they are double-dipping down. The Bay Area is really an anomaly.

Getting excited about my vacation….counting down.

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