Blogs, friends and celebs

Had the chance to meet back up with some old friends as well as ex-employees when in London this week. Really good to do so and check back in and see what everyone is doing. Got a little scary as I was talking to one friend on mine and we were talking about how we used to work together 20 years ago!! We were working for Candle Corp at the time, who were a specialist vendor in mainframe performance monitoring software (since acquired by IBM). I joined because Candle had a policy of providing company cars in the UK and all my friends that worked there had brand new convertibles whilst I was driving a clapped out old banger on the salary of a systems programmer at a bank.

Managed to spend lots of time with both customers and potential customers. In fact, met with multiple Managed Service/Outsourcing/Hosting Providers during this trip – continues to become a bigger and bigger part of our business.

We had 21 deals close last week, which is good news as we move closer to the end of year and end of quarter. Some great new customers signing up….including a service provider to financial services in New York, a service provider to the oil industry in Texas, a European government agency, a telecoms company in the UK amongst others.

I happened to be staying at a reasonably nice hotel in London (amazing the deals you can get on the web when the economy is bad), and saw multiple “celebs” while there including Lewis Hamilton, Claudia Schiffer, Jonathon Ross and Amy Adams – not that I really care that much to be honest.

I’m “almost” done with the Christmas shopping for the kids but I can no longer blog about what I’ve got them, because they’re old enough to figure out how to read the blog. But, should be fun on Xmas Eve with one of them on drums, one on guitar and one on the microphone.

Hmm….me thinks that dad needs to get the port and stilton ordered.

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