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I have no comment on Obama’s proposals for healthcare because honestly, I have not really read about it. I normally wait until it becomes a reality before I understand something.

But, I do know that there is something radically wrong with the current system.

I left my job on April 29th. Immediately, all of my insurance cards stopped working and so I have to start paying for prescriptions, doctors visits etc.

But, despite me calling and trying to hurry people, I did not receive the paperwork for Cobra until fully 5 weeks later – the end of the first week in June.

Then, I look at my Cobra and it is $1,774 per month! Wow….we certainly did not have the top healthcare plan but $1774 per month!

So, I sent the check for $1774…..and my insurance cards are still not working. I finally got this resolved on Monday (June 20th….7 weeks without coverage)…they told me on the phone that because I only sent $1774, that was only for May, and so my account was still inactive (of course, they had not sent me the bill for June).

Now, I have to write them a check for $3548 for 2 months coverage (end July)….and then I’ve got to collect all of the receipts from all of the health services my family has had in the last 7 weeks and submit them for reimbursement.

Now, I’m not asking for sympathy because I am in a privileged position of being able to afford to deal with this (even though it just sucks up my time). But, for those that cannot….shelling out that kind of money for healthcare insurance, plus having to pay yourself for everything for 7 weeks…..UGH!

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  1. Remko says:

    Wow, are they all that expensive? That sounds like price fixing to me. I pay 300 euro’s in Europe for my family of 5, no government subsidies involved.

  2. Gary Read says:

    Yeah it is outrageous. US healthcare is seriously messed up. There are actually interesting start-ups trying to solve this problem.

    In my mind, the point of health insurance should be “in case of something really bad” which is really expensive.

    Regular doctor visits, prescriptions etc I’d rather just pay for.

  3. Michael Bunyard says:

    Yeah, thats what I would do just start a new private catastrophe insurance and once that goes into effect stop the COBRA. I also don’t have the answers but I wonder how many of our doctor visits in the US have to do with us being so obese? Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Attacks, High Cholesterol, etc. etc.

  4. ken says:

    I pay over $1200/mo for my family coverage, and that’s a HIGH deductible plan, with first $6K out of pocket from me in addition to deductible. So essentially, that’s the price of catestrophic insurance today, which, when you consider the out of pocket, is really what we have. Not only that, we REALLY struggled finding coverage at all, and we are healthy by any definition other than insurers. The systems is SERIOUSLY broke, and OBSCENELY expensive…UGGGHHH dont get me started :)

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