We are so, so busy. Lots of business being done this week – I think we may be breaking some records but I don’t have time to look.

Just got a large piece of business with a leading financial institution (yes they are still spending), and another with a leading nationwide retailer. Had a great customer in Germany sign up earlier today, and several more in Scandinavia. Multiple new MSPs over the last couple of days as well.

The environment is tough, not making any bones about that. We just had one piece of business where we were selected, negotiated, fully through legal and contracts and at the 11th hour, someone put a freeze on the budget. And this is a F500 company!

It’s at times like this that my head spins. I think about when this was a company that operated out of a single room in Burlingame with us taking it in turns to get each other coffee. And yet now, we appear to have sales executives, technical representatives and executives on planes everywhere.

We just had our first customer in Malaysia (an MSP) earlier this week as well as our Asian customer base grows.

Geez – what shall I get my girlfriend/partner for Christmas….she wants diamond earrings….anyone noticed that the price of diamonds doesn’t seem to be affected by the recession? Who mentioned cartel.

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