Back in the saddle

After my European vacation (no it was not the Griswalds), I’m well and truly back in the swing of things. I’ve managed to play several times in the last 7 days with scores ranging from 85 to 96 – and have decided that I definitely need to get some lessons so that I can improve.

Yesterday I had 2 meetings about CEO opportunities and I was pleasantly surprised by both meetings. The first I went into thinking that maybe the company was not that exciting but left with very different thoughts. The second, I already thought that the company was exciting (and it became more so) but was concerned that maybe they wouldn’t think I was that exciting, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

As a result of these meetings I have finally decided to produce a resume. I was trying to get away with my line of “isn’t LinkedIn enough?” but clearly that’s not the case so I’ve started to put one together. Anyone good at writing resumes/CVs? If so, email me….I’ll happily pay for some assistance.

We have a family wedding this weekend (my girlfriend’s sister) which seems to be stressing people out quite a bit. Not much I can do to help, so my strategy is to keep out of the way (hence theĀ  golf).

I’m thinking of trying to play tomorrow (Friday) but don’t have a playing partner yet. If anyone is around in the Bay area and fancies a round tomorrow, let me know although many people seem to play on their own – so I may do that.

Oh, and I’m also working on a start-up idea of my own. Very early stages and I’m not committed to it yet but I think:

(a) It’s a great idea (but then again I would wouldn’t I given that it is my idea!)

(b) Not sure how technically feasible it is.

Lots going on, I’m enjoying life.

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