Congrats to CA & Nimsoft for the Watchmouse acquisition today. I’m sure this will be a welcome addition to many customers who were maybe forced to use Keynote or Gomez previously.

Thanks to Joe at the MSPmentor for remembering me in his blog post on “8 people that didn’t make the MSPmentor 250 this year”.

The party was great Joe and I will be back – just not sure what I’ll be doing yet. Anyone that is interested in the MSP market should make MSPmentor essential reading. In my experience it is a must-read place to catch up on the latest news effecting MSPs with some some occasional gossip thrown in. Although definitely no phone hacking – LOL!

Finally, my post yesterday about the future needs for a complete new generation of infrastructure mgmt products (taking into account massive amounts of data, many times the current generation), generated a number of emails to me last night. I am definitely going to follow up on this subject.

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