Last week

We are looking for a new PR agency at the moment – met with one of the two finalists today. The other one next week I think. More about that another time…can’t let them know how they did just yet.

I also met with four company CEOs during the week that could be excellent partners for Nimsoft – each of them providing value-added but complimentary solutions to our core products. We obviously can’t do them all, so I think we’ll go and talk to some of our customers and see what they are interested in as their priorities

We won a large brand name customer in Europe today – I don’t normally mention individual wins, but this one is one of the largest brand name companies in the world. Competed with those folks over at HP (although HP letting go their entire Inside Sales team half way through the evaluation probably didn’t help – (I think that unless you are a “strategic account” – HP Software now push you to a channel partner whether you like it or not)

We also secured business with several new MSPs this week as well.

From the product side…..BSM, BSM, BSM…..the jungle drums are beating……coming soon……watch this space…..saw some of the pieces this morning…..

And….brand new version of our Nimsoft Server is just about to enter beta. Some pretty cool new functionality including dynamic thresholding and baselining – nice!

Better run

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