Does Big Data make proactive monitoring of the IT infrastructure a possibility?

For many years customers and vendors have talked about moving from reactive to proactive monitoring of IT. “Detecting problems before they occur” has long been the stated goal of the customer. And, of course the vendor is happy to oblige…except of course that problems are not detected before they occur, but instead rapid notification of a problem occurring will hopefully enable the IT administrator to fix the problem before it has a degrading effect on the business.

But what if it were possible to detect problems before they occur – how can that possibly be done?

Maybe the answer to that question is that (a) if you collected enough data (b) had incredibly advanced analytics and (c) could do all of this processing in real-time, then you could start to gain accurate predictions on problems areas before they occur.

The patterns of problems starting to occur would be recognized and either automatically prevented or alert someone to the possibility. The solution of course would “learn” and improve over time with the more data that it could collect.

This could also solve that old “correlation” issue. The issue with any correlation solution is that it is only as good as the intelligence that it has and of course, the intelligence that it has is always limited by data collection and processing time.

Food for thought.

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