Congrats to Fusion Storm

They were great customers and they have filed to IPO. Good stuff guys!

Been spending a lot more time this week working on a startup idea. Not sure whether I’m going to do it or not yet but it’s one of those things that, the more work I do on it, the more real it becomes and the more likely I am to go for it. Sorry, but I of course cannot divulge the idea – I think it’s really cool of course.

Excited this coming week to meet the founders and board members of a really, really, really interesting company that are looking for a CEO. The more that I hear about this company, the more amazing it sounds. I also met another fascinating company founder on Friday and then I have another one the week after.

I’ve learned better than to predict where/when/what I will be doing (no, I didn’t learn French….I just became another one of those folks that has a slightly used copy of Rosetta Stone sitting on the shelf), but it feels as though things are moving closer to figuring this out.

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