Christmas week

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday with the kids. They couldn’t get off of Guitar Hero – the three kids on guitar, drums and mic was lots of fun.

As for me, well Santa brought me a Garmin GPS watch. Pretty clever stuff – it records when you go running and then wirelessly uploads it to the web and tells you how far, how many calories, the route that you ran etc. GPS in a watch. (Thanks to Mark Rivington for showing me this).

Business wise things have been very good. We have already signed a record number of new logo customers this quarter, surpassing our largest ever number that we set last quarter. We are also very close to our record bookings for the quarter as well. We have a lot more business that’s still available to us – could be a busy few days next week – we’re hoping to surpass all previous records, but we need a strong finish.

What about the economy? Well, definitely we’ve had business delayed – no doubt about that. But, from talking to many CEOs and advisors, everyone is saying that Q1 2009 is the first quarter of the “new” economy and nobody quite knows what to expect. Our business is very strong, and our sales funnels moving in to next year are very strong as well so I believe that we are well positioned.

Need to run – got to get ready for dinner tonight. Adult time….ahhhhhh

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