One more day to go…..

Isn’t it amazing? So many pieces of business come down to the last day (i.e. tomorrow – New Year’s Eve). Just like in the transfer market/free agent deadline in sports – everyone talks about it and negotiates for a long time, then we all rush to get it all done in the last 24 hours.

Fortunately, Nimsoft has managed to largely avoid the ‘last second’ rush this quarter. We’ve got almost all of the business done but, even so, we still have about 12 separate transactions that we are expecting tomorrow.

We are also doing our purchasing at the same time. We have to decide tomorrow whether to continue with Webex or Citrix for our online web conferencing – it’s a close call, they can both do the job and both are highly respected companies.

We also invested in some new source control products today for our development organization – we decided to go with Accurev. This was also a close call but ultimately our development team felt that this was the best fit for us. I know that our engineers really wanted and needed this, so we made the investment today.

We’ve got the sales and technical teams coming together in a couple of weeks time for training. This is absolutely critical for us. We continue to strive to have the best and most highly respected sales and technical organizations in the business so regular training is a highly important part of that process for us.

What else? Going to the mountains some time tomorrow as soon as we’ve finished for the year – hoping to get off work a little early so that I can beat the traffic. Ski-ing until Sunday and then back to do the sales/technical meeting.

And finally, yes, we will be training our team on our new “BSM” offerings in a couple of weeks. Not sure about our plans for announcing this publicly – we will probably drip it out rather than big bang it. Sort of seems inappropriate to “big bang” anything at the moment when so many companies worldwide are struggling and individuals are losing their jobs although this is a big cost reducer.

Not sure I’ll be doing too much blogging from the mountains but, for anyone that is interested, I am an absolutely terrible skier so I’m just hoping to return with myself and my entire family in one piece.

Happy New Year


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