Business Service Management or Bring Stacks of Money

I asked a industry analyst recently what BSM meant to them. They told me, tongue in cheek, “Brings Stacks of Money”….and then added “and low expectations”. Most BSM projects cost a fortune ($500k plus), are very services intensive and few ever deliver upon the original expectations.

Sort of sounds like the Framework implementations of the late 90s, or the mega-suite/projects that companies continue to invest in (why are so many people closed minded to alternatives?)

Time for change I think…..

A CIO of a major bank recently told me “We’ve realized that we no longer have to spend the kind of money, time and people on the mediocre monitoring solutions and support that IBM, HP and the other large vendors often deliver. We know that there are now real alternatives that can deliver against our needs and Nimsoft is leading the way”.

Exactly – just as we’ve done for monitoring – make it successful, accessible and justifiable – we are going to do for BSM.

I saw the beta version of our solution yesterday and I’m excited; built using a combination of the Nimsoft and the Indicative technology – it could be a game changer.

On my way to New Orleans right now for sales and technical training……

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