D-Day has arrived – I’m going back to start-up land!

Today was decision day for me. I have withdrawn from the CEO searches that I was talking to and have decided to commit myself to the start-up idea that I have.

I have been working with a lead engineer (someone I worked with many years ago) who is putting some of the early pieces in place to turn my vision into a reality.

We are not yet funded, but from the multiple conversations that I have had with a select group of VCs, I am confident that we can get funding. Each VC has pretty much said “This is a big idea in a big market and you are approaching it in a very smart way” – and I/they also cannot find anyone else doing this.

I have to go back to the investors next week and do the “partner presentation” – which is the final approval step leading to a term sheet. We also hope to carve a piece out for some friends and family – I think a maximum of 5 f&f participants and I already have 2 committed and 1 possible.

Meanwhile, we are cracking on. I think I’m going to use this blog as our own diary to share our journey much as I did with the Nimsoft journey, but I didn’t start blogging until the company was already ┬áreasonable size.

Right now it is me, an engineer, some technical proof points, a PPnt deck, a prototype and a big idea and lots of passion and excitement.

We incorporated the company this morning, now I need to get Tax ID, bank account etc etc.

I’m also “throwing my fiancee” out of the home office as I will be taking this over – need to actually get a working printer maybe now as well :)

Excited would be the emotion of the day.

Final thought is (a) Don’t ask me the company name because we don’t have one yet and (b) Don’t ask me what we are doing because I cannot say.

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