4am and looking at designs

I actually get so excited and motivated by the new company that I get up in the middle of the night to do stuff on it.

Anyhow, yesterday was a good day – got the company incorporated, got the tax id, got the NDA forms, had a lot of interest from folks in participating in F&F, moved the prototype along significantly, started putting the final investor deck together, bought a printer, cleaned out the office.

Today – I have a couple of unrelated meetings today but things that I want to get achieved are:

(a) Get the company named – we have a name in mind but are negotiating with the current owners of the domain – we need to either get this done or move on to a new name

(b) Get the bank engaged – probably go with Silicon Valley Bank but maybe Comerica

(c) Call with designer and engineer this morning. We need to look at her wireframes and then start to layer them into the prototype.

(d) Get the investor deck to a reasonable state

As soon as I can get the company name and domain sorted out, then we can move on to other items.

We’re planning to make a lot of use of collaboration solutions: probably use Google Apps for email, groups, IM, maybe even video conf (they have that in hangouts now). We will probably use something like basecamp and then use Skype for calling and maybe video as well. Meet.Me is great for adhoc screen sharing

One thing that I want to achieve in the new company is to substantially reduce email traffic internally. Already we are hunting to find things and have different docs at different versions etc. because email is a horrible medium.

Instead, we are going to birth a culture of using discussion groups/internal social for most things that would otherwise be email. I’d like us to all keep an EMPTY email inbox and not have folders….instead everything is stored in the discussion groups.

Any suggestions as to products to use for this? We looked at Socialcast but it seems so very basic (cannot set up separate threads) that I don’t think it meets our needs – I’m actually wondering whether Google Groups would do this? But…would be nice to have an iPad interface and maybe an offline mode. Anyhow, I’ll take all suggestions…

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