Our biggest issue right now is…

Broadband – can you believe it? Verizon, despite sending technicians to my home 5 or 6 times over the last 3 weeks, cannot give me a stable DSL line. Each time I repeat the same dance….call them….spend an hour on the phone…..they can’t fix it so they schedule a technician….wait in all day for the technician….he “fixes” it but within 2 hours of him leaving it’s broken again.

Verizon have to be close to the worst customer service in the world. We rely on broadband today for so much that I need a service provider that can treat it as such – so I ordered Comcast business service.

And…the irony is that our lead developer is having exactly the same broadband issues. He is having to drive to the local cafe to get reliable internet service (which doesn’t help people that want to work into the wee hours of the morning).

Anyhow, on the positive front we’ve managed to get the presentation deck ready for tomorrow, we have a super sexy looking prototype nearly done, the company documents are in the process of being produced, I am talking to the banks and the lawyers to get it all sorted out and…looks like we have an agreed deal for the domain name that we want. We have a verbal agreement at least…now to get it papered and executed.

Monday is a big day – two final partner presentations to two VCs. I need to bring my A-game!

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