Heads down today

Buried in Excel, PPnt, Word today….working from home and cranking. Fortunately Verizon have provided a semi-stable 1Mbps DSL line….roll on Saturday when I get my 12 Mbps Comcast connection.

Zynga results were a shocker….first GroupOn and now Zynga. Maybe that should be a new rule….you have to have your S1 filed for at least 6 months before you IPO so that investors can see a couple of quarterly updates in real time before deciding to buy the IPO. Uh oh – that’s not a popular thing to say I’m sure.

Yesterday was a busy day….some really good stuff and some mediocre. I remember at the end of the quarter in sales we used to judge each day Red, Yellow or Green depending on how things unfolded that day but ultimately of course, the only day you really care about is when the fat lady sings.

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