The cloud – a real life example

Small example but impressive. As you know we did our field sales and technical training in New Orleans last week. This meant that we had 23 field technical resources that all needed to be trained on new products.

Of course, we wanted them all to have their own server and be able to go through everything from installation to configuration and setup.

Before the event our IT guys suggested that we needed to rent a server, configure with ESX, ship to New Orleans and then every technical person could have their own virtual server.

I, being the cost conscious guy that I am said “why not use the cloud?”

So, passed the ball to our Cloud Meister, Mark Rivington who, engaged IT and support and… was a roaring success.

We used one of the commercially available cloud vendors, rented 23 servers for 2 days and we spent a grand total of $100.

The ESX server rental and shipment alternative was $1,700.

Small numbers I know but…a 94% saving in cost…and we got to train all our SEs on using the cloud as well.

Nice. Think about how that would scale….

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