Ch Ch Ch Changes….

Life running a rapidly growing company never stands still. In fact, I believe that it’s part of the reason for the success of Nimsoft that we are always willing to make changes and be brave about decisions.

Things that have worked in the past, may not work tomorrow so making change is important.

But…many individuals are always worried about change. Certainly for risk averse individuals they think that “doing the same thing” is the way to continue to guarantee success, but, as I always tell them, the world doesn’t stop moving and so neither can we. Our customers expect us to always adapt and improve.

Last week we made some changes in our marketing team. We moved the product marketing guys closer to engineering and product management, we moved the lead generation team into the field organization and we separated out corporate marketing into a stand-alone function. This follows some reasonably large changes in our US sales organization that took place in December.

Budgets are set, programs are being put in place and we’re executing.

So far, the forecast for Q1 is strong – we are hoping to publish our Q4 and 2008 results early next week after we get them blessed by the board on Thursday.

Good luck to the new President of the United States – tough set of issues that he’s inheriting.

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