iPhone 4S

I ordered mine for Friday. Why am I willing to break my AT&T contract and pay the price? Because AT&T reception in the Bay Area is just awful. I get zero reception at my house….they even gave me a Microcell for use in my house but, if you are like me and like your phone to be “mobile” i.e. move more than 10 feet from the Microcell, then it is useless. If I drive from my house to San Francisco, I can guarantee that the call will drop at least 5 times on the freeway.

So why you ask, did I suffer AT&T when I could have used Verizon? Because, the Verizon iphone did not work internationally and I travel a lot.

BUT…the new iPhone 4S has CDMA/GSM so that Sprint and Verizon will work Internationally now. That for me was the killer feature.

I’ve decided to try Sprint, mainly because they also have the unlimited data plan and I use a lot of data. I hope that the service is good and also that they have international roaming partners (I also read this morning that they were going to unlock the GSM SIM so that I could buy any SIM and drop it in…..that would be cool…..buy a UK SIM and drop it in when I travel to the UK.

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