Anyone know any Apple provisioning tools?

Only kidding but I feel like a Sys Admin at the moment. Here is what I’m doing:

1. Upgraded my iPhone to iOS5

2. Moved my MobileMe account to iCloud (after backing up calendar and contacts)

3. Upgrading the iMac to new version of Lion to support iCloud

4. Upgrading iPad to iOS5

Left to do…

5. Upgrade two Macbooks and one more iMac

6. Upgrade two more iPads

7. Upgrade two more iPhones

And then….figure out how all this works. So far I have lost all my contacts and my calendar from my iPhone – I am thinking (hoping?) that this is just a temporary glitch while the rest of the devices are being upgraded.

Whoa…having 5 of us all using Apple products means a lot of work on a day like today….but of course it will all be worth it!

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