Wow – amazing Microsoft SCOM information

Just found out some amazing information about the LINUX and UNIX support that Microsoft, with big fanfare, released a while ago for SCUM (the cross platform extensions)

#1 The ?agent? that sits on the Linux/UNIX server does not do any proactive alerting ? it relies on polling from the SCOM management server!! A polling based approach for server monitoring? Welcome to the 80s everyone! Yep….that’s highly efficient and scalable.

#2 The same agent is fat and heavy. Customers have reported 3% CPU utilization when idle, rising to 40-50% CPU utilization when working, Nimsoft agent usage was negligible.

Nobody, just nobody should be buying this. But is anyone surprised that their support for non-MS platforms is so poor?

Maybe given that Windows sales make up a huge portion of their revenue and profit and SCOM sales are negligible by comparison they have another agenda?

Just speculating…..keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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