Update on the great Apple upgrade at my house

What do I like best so far? AIRPLAY MIRRORING.

Super cool – anything on my iPad2 screen can be thrown onto my TV screens wirelessly (via Apple TV). Can now play a game on iPad and have on the TV screen – or using facetime or skype to do video conferencing – or anything. For business…think about showing up with just an iPad and being able to present and demo wireless to a big screen. Really? No more projectors and spending 10 minutes changing your resolutions so that it synchs properly?

iMessage also cool – automatically knows if the recipient is on iOS5 device and routes msg via iMessage.

iCloud – still playing with it….haven’t finished all the upgrades yet.

iMac1 – done, iMac2 – done, AppleTV – done (finally….the download told me 23 hours….but I did it again this morning and it was 3 minutes), MacBook1 – done, iPhone1 – done, iPhone2 (Jody’s) – ugh – keeps failing, iPads – done

iPhoto also needs an upgrade.

This is time-consuming but oh so worth it.

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