Not so fast…Sprint!

Well, voice performance is great but data performance is nothing short of horrible.

I did the Gizmodo speed test and I am getting average download speed of 373 kbps – that compares with ATT users getting an average of 2400 and Verizon users 1800.

It is so slow that most apps are virtually unusable….upload a pic to Facebook? No chance! Send email…as long as there is no attachment.

Now, here’s the rub. Sprint have a “14-day exchange plan” and my 14 days run out on Thursday. When I called their support, they readily accept and know that there are data speed issues…..but refused to extend the 14 day exchange window. So, what do I do? Hope that they fix it and then get stuck with it either way or bite the bullet and go to Verizon?

Oh, and one other small wrinkle, I cannot find an iPhone 4S with any other supplier until after the 14 day exchange period is over.

Although I did get a laugh last night when I saw the Sprint TV commercial….Unlimited data and No slowdown. Both are in fact true statements but….when you start way slower than anyone else it’s pretty pointless!

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