Shock, horror – girls are now equal in British throne succession

I’m sure most of the rest of the world finds this cute or twee, but the Royal family is still a big thing for many Brits (even us ex-pats).

Yesterday, the heads of all the commonwealth countries voted that in the future, girls will have an equal right to the throne as boys (imagine that!). Previously, the eldest son would inherit the throne (even if there was an older daughter) meaning that unless there were no sons, the daughter would not become queen (the current Queen did not have any brothers – hence why she is Queen).

And in another shocking move, they also removed the ban on the monarch being married to a….wait for it….a catholic! (Of course the monarch themselves still has to be Church of England given that they are the head of the CoE).

Wow….the Royal Family finally catching up just a little to the rest of world in terms of equality – thank you, thank you, thank you!

I have a great respect for history and tradition but I also believe that society progresses and traditions must progress with it.

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