OMG – we're on TV

Only the second time I have uttered those immortal letters….OMG (the first was reserved for George Michael…for those of you that have not been avid readers of this blog for the last year!).

This time….I was talking to one of our long-term employees (Ken Vanderweel) the other day, and he had a video sitting on his desk – it was of the TV appearance of Converse Software (the predecessor to Nimsoft) that happened over 5 years ago, just as we were starting the company. Funny, because we’d been looking for it everywhere but….as usual, we should have checked Ken’s garbage dump (I mean desk!)

Anyhow, here it is – it’s actually pretty embarrassing but whatever….

Converse Software CEO on KTVU Silicon Valley Business 2nd November 2003

PS Spot the young Dan Birck showing off his Raquet Ball skills in the background.

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