Employment beckons – super excited

It’s interesting how life works sometimes. About 6 weeks ago, I had stopped looking at companies to join and decided to do my own start-up. I loved the idea that I had (still do), had developed a prototype, put together a rough plan, spoken to investors, pulled together a founding team and was on the verge of closing a term sheet when…..a recruiter that I’d worked with in the past called me.

The call went something like this “Gary, I know that you told me not to call you because you’re committed to your own start-up, but I have an opportunity that appears to be a perfect fit for you”. I listened, got excited, decided to open the door and investigate this new opportunity.

Many meetings later with a combination of investors, founders and executives and I’m more excited than I was at the start of the process. Very impressed with the founder/executive team – super smart and highly dedicated and from everything that I know, really outstanding engineering team.

I cannot say too much about what the company is doing right now (not yet launched) but you can be sure that I wouldn’t be joining unless it was set up to (1) Deliver incredible value to customers (2) Disrupt some huge markets.

As of yesterday, I accepted the CEO position and cannot wait to get started.

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