Blogs – what’s real and what’s marketing?

The other night on the Chelsea Handler show, she asked Justin Bieber “Do you write all of your own tweets?”. Justin replied “yes” (somewhat tongue in cheek) to which Chelsea sarcastically replied “Well, so do I then”.

Of course, pop stars flying around the world, Hollywood A list etc, I understand why they don’t have time to write their own 140 characters but it got me thinking about Blog posts from technology company executives.

I wonder how many are actually written by that executive versus how many are ghost written by marketing and simply published under that executives name?

In a prior company, I was told that “all blogs are written by corporate marketing and subject to legal approval” to which I politely replied “count me out” (they actually then allowed me to continue writing my own). Blogs/tweets I believe have to be a reflection of the individual and their personality not just the message that the corporate marketing folks want to deliver. If it is a pure corporate marketing message then publish it under the name of the company, not the individual. I understand if we want someone to fix it up grammatically, I understand if a public company wants to get it OKd by legal but….the basic message has to come from the individual (we are people not robots).

So, as you read blogs by technology executives, stop and think “real” or “sham”.

Often you will find that the more polished the writing, the less chance that the executive had anything to do with it – hence you will quickly realize which category this blog falls into.

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