Making the most of it….

Spent the weekend in the Montecito area.

Decided that, when the kids are all gone and I can no longer build great teams and great companies, that’s where we’re going to retire to; with our summer home in the South of France as well :)  Hence I need to go and work hard for many more years to get some $$$

Mid 70s all weekend, hiking up/down the mountains, could have spent time laying by the pool and only got one speeding ticket on the drive. Sitting in Peets on Saturday afternoon…..bumped into a couple of our friends from the Bay Area…..that was cool.

Start the new job in one week from Tuesday. This week is “tying up loose ends personally” week….dentist, handyman, lawyers….you know, all those personal chores. We are in need of a number of people at the new company…I’ll post the positions on the blog as I get more details but it’s a great team and a great idea in a large market….the rest is just a simple matter of execution right?

Oh and….bring on the Saints. My good buddy has let me have one of his tickets for the 49ers-Saints on Saturday…..that’s going to be super exciting. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a repeat of the Harbaugh Bowl in the Superbowl? Yeah I know it’s a long shot but maybe…..

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