What a change

When you meet with so many start-ups as I have been doing recently, you realize that the technologies and products that they are using and developing are light years away from more traditional companies.

SQL Databases….is any startup using a SQL database in their architecture?

On-premise….what does that mean again? An investor told me this week that if anyone pitches on-premise software, the first question is “why not SaaS?”

Waterfall development….we all know that went out with the ark but now vendors are pushing updates into their platforms daily or more (does anyone remember when there used to be an annual release cycle)

Windows….whoa. Sorry Microsoft but, just about every startup that I’ve visited are 100% Apple internally, and are developing their solutions to run on Linux (what an incredible transformation of the market in a short number of years). Actually if someone pulls out a Windows laptop, I almost want to say “how cute, haven’t seen one of those in a while”

Blackberry….yep, declining rapidly. Android and iPhones everywhere.

Suits….err, those are the things that you wear at weddings.

Ping pong tables….who knew that so many people loved ping pong. Luckily I used to play with my dad so at least I won’t be embarrassed.

Funny how change happens so fast in Silicon Valley

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