What a weekend and what a week to come

Saw one of the most exciting games of football on Saturday at Candlestick. Atmosphere was electric and result was amazing. Why does everyone keep underestimating the 49ers….to me they were always favorite to win this game but….did ESPN mention them once during the week? Statistically the single most important factor for playoff success is Run Defense.

And, the Giants beating the Packers means that I get to go to the NFC Championship game this coming Sunday.

Starting the new job tomorrow; really looking forward to it although I must admit I almost feel like I’ve been working at it for a week already. I believe that we will put out a formal release on Wednesday; so I’ll have to keep it quiet until then.

I have my first customer meeting on Wednesday morning – not that I’m going to be doing much talking as I don’t know enough yet.

Jumping back in….early stage….game changing technology….great people….

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