Day one is in the books….

Yesterday was my first day as the CEO of Boundary.

Somehow I managed to join on the day of the company offsite, so we spent all afternoon our of the office having fun – good timing!

What and who are Boundary?

For quite some time now I’ve believed that a new generation of IT Management and monitoring solutions are required to deal with the rapid nature of application change as well as the fact that many apps are hosted in Cloud environments where you cannot get as much access to traditional management metrics. As I started looking into this, I realized that some of the techniques and technologies talked about in reference to Big Data, could and should be applied to IT Mgmt, and that if they were done so successfully, it was a potential game changer.

Remember these blog posts that I made back in July/August….

Systems/Network Mgmt products, scalability and big data

Does Big Data make proactive monitoring of the IT infrastructure a possibility?

Well, Boundary is on exactly this path. Collecting and analyzing ALL the data and doing so in real time as opposed to sampling on 1 minute or 5 minute intervals and post processing that information. The old approaches are simply too slow for many environments and cannot scale to the needs of the modern cloud and web architectures.

My belief is that, if you can collect an incredible Volume of data, at an incredible Velocity and the data can be highly Variable (structured and unstructured) – then the Value that the mgmt solution provides changes dramatically.

There is an awesome team at Boundary and we are actively hiring in many areas….email me if you’d like to be part of something that can be a major game changer.

This is going to be a fun and exciting journey and as before….I will share the ups and downs and the day to day life of a startup CEO on this blog for anyone that is interested.

Off and running…..

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