First time watching Boundary presented to a customer

Yesterday started and ended with customer interaction.

First thing in the morning, with the CTO of an old customer of mine visiting our offices to hear what Boundary was doing. I mainly watched and listened as our product mgmt and sales leaders talked about the solution. The meeting started not that great actually; the CTO was questioning what we were saying and was clearly underwhelmed. But, about 20 minutes into the meeting things changed and he started to really understand the power of what Boundary is doing….by the end of the meeting he was as excited as we are about the possibilities – felt like we could have continued the meeting all day discussing different ways that the solution could be evolved.

And then at the end of the day, we hosted our beta customers in the office for a roundtable discussion on their feedback from the beta so far, likes/dislikes and where they’d like to see the product evolve to. I was impressed that (a) So many of them took personal time to come to our offices and give us the feedback (b) They were all really engaged in the discussion directly with our product management and engineering team.

Really a great day….really interesting listening to and watching customers talk about Boundary.

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