Weekend ahead

Went to Bourbon and Branch last night, a speakeasy bar downtown SF. They don’t let you in the door unless you know the password (which we did) and then once inside, depending on whether you have a “reservation” or not, depends on which of many secret rooms they show you to. Initially, after saying no reservation, they opened a hidden door behind a bookshelf and put us in a room with lots of people, 5 deep at the bar.

Meanwhile, a homeless lady, obviously high on something, managed to sneak in the same bar and starts randomly throwing punches. Kind of ironic really given how hard they make the folks that are going to spend money with them work to get in – but I guess if you’re going to put a bar right in the Tenderloin then you’ve got to expect it.

Jody speaks to hostess, tells her we have a reservation, hostess cannot find it but agrees to take us into the front bar and give us seats right at the bar. That worked out well. When we left at 9pm, there was a long line of people waiting to give the password, negotiate for a chair and maybe, get a drink.

Fun experience although a little complicated. Next time I will definitely have a reservation :) Branding is a funny thing.

After last weekend’s excitement and disappointment of the 49ers game, this weekend should be much more relaxed. Usual kids activities but not a whole lot more planned – which is good by me. Prob hang out in SF this morning, wander round the shops, coffee, lunch etc.

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