Long days

The days are long and busy. One of the characteristics of being CEO of a start-up is that you have to be able to context switch, and you have to be able to do so 100+ times a day. Whereas other positions may need periods of deep thought and uninterrupted focus, my position requires spinning multiple plates concurrently.

We’re making huge progress and I can see more progress right in front of us. Every day each of us moves the ball a little further down the field…..and while we’re having to make some changes and update some things, I am certainly feeling productive.

I actually did my first product demo today….yep, just me, nobody else…..demoing away to someone. It can certainly be polished but I thought it went well (fortunately my audience went easy on me).

I heard a few people recently from traditional monitoring companies describe Boundary as competitive to them. We are certainly happy to take the attention that they are giving us (thanks!) – but I can assure them all that we are not competitive. Boundary is a different type of solution, solving a very different type of problem to a different type of customer – if anyone wants to understand that better then give me a call and I’ll happily practice my demo skills on you.

By the way…did I say…..we’re hiring!!! Check out the web site https://boundary.com/careers for more details but….if you are ridiculously talented, then forget the jobs on the web site and just approach us directly.

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