Oh salesforce.com….how I used to love thee

But seriously….WELCOME TO THE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE the home page screams at me.

So…let’s put it to the test shall we. A simple request….when I have a contact in my CRM system, I’d like it look and suggest the LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ addresses for that person, allow me to select them and then show me their recent tweets/updates in the CRM record. I’d then like to be able to look at all “messages/events” on a per person basis or a per company basis….including of course email communication as well as social communication.

I tried and I tried. I plugged in Salesforce for Twitter….that must do it? Wrong. I plugged in other AppStore applications….surely someone must do this? Wrong again. I looked and I tried until I finally gave up and realized that….salesforce is about as “anti-social” as…well….if they were in the UK, they might get an ASBO (google it).

So, I know that when Cloud was hot, salesforce went from providing a hosted CRM to being a Cloud leader and that now that social is hot, they are now leading the social enterprise. I get it…I understand marketing…some may even accuse me of jumping on to bandwagons myself occasionally :)

BUT please, at least have a little something in the product to justify your marketing….just a teeny weeny bit.

We’re actively looking for alternative CRM solutions that are social……I think we’ve found one but anyone got recommendations?

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