Occupy Boundary

I interviewed an engineer today….a really talented engineer and we are going to make him an offer. But, it made me realize that, of all the many resumes that come our way and the many interviews that we set up for our engineering team with potential candidates, a very small percentage actually make it to the job offer phase.

But what does this mean for our business? Well, some may think it slows us down – we’d love to have more talent on board faster and lowering the bar would achieve that. But the reality is that lower quality folks in the team start to drag everyone down plus, this is about building for the long term. The reputation is and will continue to spread that Boundary is a place where engineers get to work with the best of the best. And that means that the kind of folks that we covet, will also be coveting us. I know that start-ups feel like sprints because we always work crazy hard to meet ridiculous deadlines, but in reality they are marathons…we need to build for the long term while of course sprinting to the next deadline. And, we are solving very very hard problems….if this was easy then everyone would be doing it.

On another note, I spoke to a CEO of another IT mgmt company today who was very complimentary about the people that he’d hired from my old company. He talked about the character and commitment of those individuals; great to see that my former colleagues are continuing to carry the torch.

I have my first Boundary board meeting tomorrow so, despite me starting work at 5am this morning and just getting home at 7.45pm, I have materials to prepare. Fortunately it’s not until the afternoon so I may have some time in the morning.

Oh….and one final note…..did you know that we now have 41 beta customers on our service….that is up from 13 just 2 weeks ago. We’re getting to everyone as fast as we can but we’ve still got literally hundreds and hundreds of requests so please be patient.

Can’t wait until we make this public so everyone can just sign up directly…..the clock is ticking down.

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