“Nimsoft was CA’s most notable acquistion….Nimsoft could be viewed as CA’s lifeboat”

Great article on ZDNet from CA’s Chief Strategy Officer Jacob Lamm (really good guy) on organic growth at the giant.

The quote below is interesting because I really hope that they do keep it as an independent unit.

Among its cloud deals, Nimsoft was CA’s most notable acquisition. Nimsoft is operated as an independent unit and CA is throwing products its way.

“Nimsoft was built as an alternative to IT management software’s big four—CA, BMC, IBM, HP,” explained Lamm. It’s also worth noting that Nimsoft is a SaaS company. In simplistic terms, Nimsoft could be viewed as CA’s lifeboat. In any case, Nimsoft is the future of CA and new customers start with SaaS. Existing customers will expand via SaaS while keeping CA’s legacy software.

I have no idea how things are going for them so I won’t comment, but as a general statement, the challenge of keeping a disruptive unit independent inside a large company is a huge one. Antibodies.

It’s all about people. If you can keep amazing people happy and motivated then the rest is easy. But, how do you keep amazing people happy at a F500 company when they joined a start-up. Can you offer them the same equity upside? Can you offer them the same agile environment? Can you offer them the same edginess in what you do? Do you have the same passion and belief from the leadership? Are other start-up-calibre people willing to join?

Personally I believe it is absolutely possible and I believe that it starts with the right leader. As I’ve blogged about previously, leaders that run successful start ups are passionate and have an innate belief in what they are doing. It’s not about the money, it’s not about their personal career progression, it’s about the belief. This then attracts other people with the same qualities and from there you start to create something really special. When in front of the team are your team mates looking at you and saying “wow, this guy really believes in what we’re doing….I want to be on that journey with him/her”.

I wish my Alma Mater nothing but the best….it would be great one day to see Nimsoft as a separate listed company just like VMWare.

Go Nimsoft!

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