The speed at which Boundary is moving is incredible. Right now we are firing on all cylinders and it’s amazing how much is being achieved by such a small team of people in such short time frames.

We’re getting this company ready for public launch and even though we each have a mountain of work ahead of us – nobody is sitting and staring at it, everyone is just getting it done.

Hiring is going very well; we were excited to welcome a new engineer on Monday this week, we will be welcoming another engineer next week and had 4 different people in our offices yesterday for interviews (will be making 2 job offers today hopefully). Quality is extremely important to us and I’m pleased that the level of talent that we’re attracting to talk to us is off the charts positive.

Not only do we have a large and ever increasing number of companies in the beta program, but we also have our first signed up and paying customers this month (don’t tell my board members though because I told them we would not see any revenue until April).

For anyone that is tracking us, you will start to see changes happening on the web site starting next week to better reflect the reality of our solution and its applicability. And for customers that are on our beta program (thank you!!), they are seeing major new areas of capabilities in the product on a weekly basis.

Launch is coming…….

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