Nice one Splunk!

Congrats to Godfrey and the entire Splunk team for their IPO today. Splunk has been around for many years and this company has done a fabulous job of navigating the changing market, creating innovative solutions and messaging but best of all, executing like crazy.

It’s easy to forget the amount of years of hard work that are required to get a company to this stage but I can say that if you make it in infrastructure management, then you undoubtedly deserve it. Splunk and the “coming soon” Service-now IPO are showing investors that there is huge value to be had in the overall IT mgmt space.

Infrastructures are fundamentally changing and when fundamental change happens, incumbents get disrupted.

Change is happening in….

1. Infrastructure has moved from static (datacenter) to dynamic (cloud)
2. App stacks are changing from the packaged and commercial BEA, .NET, Oracle etc stacks to the open source Hadoop, NoSQL etc stacks
3. Customers are increasingly accessing business apps via mobile – meaning even a few seconds of downtime or poor performance are cause for concern.

Taken together, these changes mean that incumbent solutions in IT mgmt are simply not equipped to deal with this new world.

Hence Boundary…..more later!

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