Interesting week

Cisco’s announcement Monday will mean some interesting decisions for their partners and VARs who are often partners with HP as well. Bladelogic being included on the servers….wonder what a Cisco partner that resells Opsware does? Seen and heard lots of different opinions….

But, back to Nimsoft business, I spoke to a major Managed Service Provider today (not yet a customer of ours). They told me, I quote, “You are sitting on an absolute goldmine. Your product is simply amazing for MSPs and there is nothing else out there”.

I completely agree. The big guys just don’t get it, the smaller platforms cannot scale or don’t have the breadth. Nimsoft really is in a unique position.

Now…we also have another MSP that is telling us that they are evaluating Solarwinds and that “Solarwinds is much less expensive”.

Our answer….”we don’t compete with Solarwinds”. It’s a low cost, web download toolset that’s all about “stack it high and sell it cheap”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being negative about Solarwinds for a minute – it’s an excellent tool for network engineers. If someone truly thinks that the Solarwinds product and company can provide them the capabilities and support that they need to support a growing managed service business….then they should go for it.

Anyhow, 7 more business days to end of quarter…business is good but I’ve got to say, many customers are “sitting on their hands” delaying decisions.

But, stock market is up right?

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