@boundary – from Fire Fighter to Smokey the Bear

One of the reasons I like talking to Cliff, is that he always has a different angle for me to noodle on.

We were talking about how the traditional model in IT operations is that they are always in fire fighting mode. Jump from one fire to the next, trying to douse the flames and prevent the building from burning down.

Boundary is helping to change that way of operating. We are showing our customers the changes in the behavior of their applications so that they can get ahead of problems and prevent them from occurring.

DevOps environments are already operating this way (potential problems are opportunities to improve) but most IT operations teams certainly don’t think this way (problems are inconveniences)

We’ve seen this in some instances with companies trialling Boundary….we show them issues that are forming in their environment but, because those issues have not yet become fires, they are not interested in dealing with them.

We need to move IT ops thinking from fire fighting to fire prevention.

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