First time for everything…flowers

One of our engineers informed me via email a couple of days ago that these were on my desk… idea who they were from but there was “a card”.

Not every day that a guy gets flowers delivered to the office… fact after thinking about it, I believe that this is the first time in my life that someone has sent me flowers.

The question is…what do I do? Ask my colleague to open the card (there is a risk of embarrassment here depending on what and who is on the card) or just hang with it and wait until I’m next in the office.

Well, you open the card of course. I’ve got nothing to hide (at least nothing I can remember).

Anyhow, to the individual that sent these to me….thank you.

For anyone else, if you want to deliver a gift to me (who doesn’t love that?) then Tequila always works :) Well, and Vodka of course.

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