A lesson in motivation and safety

OK, so last quarter (term/semester) my older kids school grades were a little mediocre. I decided to see whether financial motivation would work so I offered them $$ for As and Bs, nothing for Cs, and a “lose it all for a D”. And then, in a moment of madness I offered them $$$$ for straight As.

I had forgotten that my son always has a list of things that he wants to buy, and he immediately translated my offer into “I can buy a a new BMX”.

12 weeks later….yep….straight As. He went from Cs and Bs to straight As in 12 weeks or less with a GPA of 4.0.

So…he got his BMX and his first request….”dad, you need to take the brake off….it’s not cool to have a brake”. So, I understand not cool, but I also understand that we live on a hill and using your shoe to brake on the back wheel is pretty dangerous (not to mention the numerous pairs of shoes that we would likely go through).

So, on this one I said no. I think I was right to do so but my big question is, what would Val from Cheam have done?

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