@boundary showing traditional vendors how software development needs to be done

Our weekly customer product update today…..more enhancements than the traditional systems mgmt vendors have delivered in the last year ???

What’s New in Boundary

Some very big new enhancements in Boundary to announce this week:

  1. AWS & Rackspace Health Status Event Feeds
  2. Hadoop Application Pack
  3. Redesigned Navigation
  4. Minor Enhancements
  5. Beta Features Available to Try (by request only)
    1. Application Visualization
    2. Ephemeral Port Conversations

Rackspace & AWS Health Status Event Feeds

Who wants to look in multiple places to figure out what’s going wrong in your application?   To make this easier, and hopefully reduce the number of places you have to check when something is wrong at 2 am (and you’ve been paged out of bed), we’ve extended our Events service to accept standard RSS messages, including an out of the box feed from AWS Service Health and Rackspace Cloud Status.

If an AWS service, such as EC2 in Oregon, is suffering increased latencies or an outage, you can immediately see that in your Boundary dashboard, explaining why you are seeing problems in your application.

amazon elastic compute cloud

We’ll soon have the ability to accept any arbitrary RSS feed for Events.   We’ll also be adding more out of the box external event feeds in the future – so if there is one you’d like to see in particular – drop us a note at service@boundary.com.

To enable this feature – just click the External Event Feeds button from the Event Feed view and select which feeds you’d like.    You’ll then see them appear in the dashboard.

cloud service status

Hadoop “App Pack”

Hadoop is a complex, distributed system with many conversations occurring between the nodes.   To make it easier for you to monitor Hadoop traffic, we’ve create a Hadoop App Pack.

The App Pack automatically configures Aliases and Conversations for the default services and ports shipped with Cloudera’s CDH4 distribution, including the services HDFS, HBase, Hive, Hue, MapReduce, Oozie, Sqoop, YARN, ZooKeeper and the Cloudera Manager/Agent.   It will correctly monitor the traffic in the ephemeral port range, including those ports in the 50K and 60K range.

To enable the Hadoop App Pack, click on Organization in the top menu bar and select App Pack.

Hadoop App Pack

Note: App Packs are new in Boundary. We’re kicking them off with better support for Hadoop.   Please email us at service@boundary.comfor additional App Packs you’d like to see us build.

Redesigned Navigation & UI

We’ve streamlined the navigation and made it easier to access the key features you want to view.    A couple of key changes to be aware of:

Nodes, Dynamic Groups, Conversations, Events and Alerts are now found under the Configure top menu item.
configure nodes

Organization Settings, Aliases and App Packs are now found under the Organization top menu item.

configure organization

Minor Enhancements

  • Alerts now display their state and current value in the alerts tab
  • The Events feed was enhanced for better scalability
  • Mousing over Events in the Boundary dashboard now works properly
  • Searching using the ? wildcard now works properly
  • Documentation for the Alert State API is now available


These features are in beta and are available by request only.   If you’d like to try these new capabilities, please drop us a note at service@boundary.com.

Application Visualization

The real time graphs in Boundary are great for visualizing traffic over time and seeing trends, events and changes — but how about visualizing a graphical map – like Google traffic maps?   Now – you can visualize application traffic and service flows in an intuitive, graphical “application map” view.     We’ve just launched this capability in beta.   Email us (service@boundary.com) if you’d like this capability enabled for your Organization.

app viz

Ephemeral Port Conversations

You can now define conversations that monitor application traffic in the ephemeral port range (ports numbered above 32768).   For example, in the Hadoop App Pack, Hadoop conversations in the 50,000+ port range are automatically defined.   If you want to monitor a custom service using an ephemeral port, this capability must be explicitly configured for you.  Please email us (service@boundary.com) if you’d like to configure specific Conversations.

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