@Dell acquires @Quest…..

Wow is my first reaction. Quest is Vinny and will Vinny stick around for this? Doubt it….why would he? How will Quest do without the guy that has been their leader for so long? Microsoft without Bill, Sun without Scott…..hmm

So, a new chapter for Quest is an under-statement. There is clearly leadership at Dell that knows the IT mgmt business….starting with John Swainson, the former CEO of CA. I never met John, but he was credited with taking CA from a company that was struggling under SEC investigations and all their other issues, and turning it back into a real company again. And then I recently noticed one of my old colleagues Tom Kendra, another senior CA exec is now the VP & GM Software Group at Dell (is he moving to Austin?)

Hmm, interesting times lay ahead for these folks. Quest is not CA but then again neither is Dell. I wish them well and wonder whether Dell can become a major force in IT mgmt alongside CA, HP, IBM, BMC….will they expand this into the Big-5….or will they simply milk the Quest maintenance revenue?

Oh well….anyone from Quest worried about your future? Plenty of open positions at Boundary….we’re young but we’re strong and very ambitious.

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