Big Day for @Boundary – $15m in new funding

Boundary is pleased to announce today the closing of its Series-B investment round and welcome Scale Venture Partners to join our existing investor Lighstpeed Venture Partners as investors in our exciting and game-changing business.

As we were talking to various different potential investors we were looking for a few things in a new partner for our business. We were looking for someone that understood the fundamental change that was happening in the IT infrastructure, we were looking for someone that realized that change would lead to huge disruption in the IT Management market where the future leaders will come from today’s startups not today’s incumbents, and we were looking for someone that had successfully worked with other organizations to help transform traditional enterprise software markets with new models and “consumer like” products.

We found exactly what we were looking for in Scale VP; loved the interactions that we had with their team and with their existing portfolio companies and were very pleased to move forward with them. In addition, Lightspeed, that were the founding investor in Boundary, increased their commitment to the company, which is a tremendous endorsement and vote of confidence – they have been a ton of help for Boundary. We feel very fortunate to have such great investors.

But what about our business….do you want to know the dirty secret of IT mgmt?

Existing tools are not designed for dynamic, modern infrastructures (but then again, if you work in these environments then you already know that).

For an old guy like me, I remember the mainframe to client/server transition and for the first few years of that transition, existing mainframe mgmt vendors “reworked” their tools to deal with client/server and customers struggled and did the best that they could. Then, a new breed of vendor came along that understood and architected their solution for the new world of client/server applications, and suddenly everyone realized how much better that they were and, well the rest is history – history that will repeat itself.

#monitoringsucks and other such collection of opinions come about because existing monitoring solutions are fundamentally not designed to deal with today’s environments and operational needs- the user is struggling trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Boundary will help change that; since April of this year, we have already welcomed 35 paying and happy customers – customers that love what we are doing for them and love the rapid pace and iterative development of Boundary, but we’re only just getting started.

Having this additional funding will enable us to think bigger and solve tougher problems. We are actively hiring in multiple areas of our business (send us your resume if you’re the best) and of course we’re looking to extend our customer reach.

So a great day for Boundary…..thanks to our customers, our partners and our employees for getting us to this point but….we haven’t achieved anything yet – we need to run hard, fast and long to get to our destination.

Execute, execute, execute – I hope you come along for a ride.

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