A big day for Boundary and for anyone building or managing distributed applications

At the end of March 2012, Boundary announced General Availability of a new approach to monitoring distributed applications.

Since then much has happened. We’ve been really busy developing new capabilities in the solution, we’ve been expanding the team, we raised our Series-B funding of $15m and we’ve signed about 50 paying customers to the Boundary service.

Today we’ve got multiple announcements which is the culmination of a lot of work by a lot of people. I will talk to them briefly in this blog, but more details can be had by attending our webinar at 11am PST today (register at tinyurl.com/9gqwnx7) or by watching the tweets and the web site or of course email service@boundary.com and we’d love to talk to you directly.

The summary of the announcements are:

1. Product

  • Application Visualization – available now
  • Application Latency - available now
  • Event/annotation integrations for AWS, Rackspace, New Relic, Puppet, Chef, Splunk, Papertrail plus generic RSS feed  - available now
  • Hadoop App Pack – available now
  • Historical data store – available now via API, UI enabled in September
  • Windows based meter – available now on managed release

All of these capabilities are being made available to our customers at no additional charge.

2. Partnership

Boundary and Engine Yard have announced a partnership where the companies will work together to make Boundary available to Engine Yard PaaS customers. Work is already underway to make this an integrated deployment, pricing, SSO etc. An exciting partnership for both companies and especially for Engine Yard customers.

3. Free Boundary

Boundary is announcing the immediate availability of a fully functional, free offering. This offering will be restricted only by a daily limit of 2GB of data being sent to us per day, a limited historical data store and community support. To upgrade to the paid offering at 2GB daily is $199 per month, and to the 5GB offering is $395 per month (application servers typically send us between 100 and 150 MB per day, so 2GB is normally enough for  15-20 application servers to be monitored).

Launch partners


“Boundary’s real time monitoring has been an invaluable tool for Basho. We rely on it every day for the systems that control the testing, research, and development of Riak and Riak CS.”

Sean Carey, Director of Development Operations


“As the leading Hadoop vendor, Cloudera is committed to developing an ecosystem that offers the most comprehensive variety of complementary technology integrations in market. We are particularly pleased with the availability of the Boundary Hadoop Application pack for CDH. Boundary complements the industry leading Cloudera Manager with innovative real-time discovery and visualization of application network flows, allowing customers the ability to monitor traffic at even greater levels of granularity.”

Tim Stevens, vice president of business and corporate development, Cloudera


“Chef and Boundary are tightly integrated to provide customers with an end-to-end provisioning and monitoring solution that can be up and running in minutes. When customers add or change nodes with Chef, in less than two seconds Boundary graphs show the impact of those changes on application performance.  Both solutions are optimized for public/private/hybrid clouds where visibility and instantaneous response are essential for maximum performance.”

Bryan Hale, Director of Business Development, Opscode


“We provide our customers with the tools and resources necessary to support, manage and innovate with PaaS solutions. We’re pleased to have Boundary join our growing partner ecosystem and offer per-second visibility into how applications are communicating within the Engine Yard PaaS. Leveraging the deep domain expertise and commercial grade solution offered by Engine Yard and the Boundary monitoring application performance solution, customers can build and run dynamic cloud-based applications quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. ”

Marcy Campbell, SVP, Global Alliances and Business Development


“Boundary’s view of web applications from the infrastructure perspective, combined with New Relic’s deep visibility inside these applications, creates an unparalleled combination. Together, these solutions provide comprehensive, holistic insight into the performance of your business-critical production application environment.”

Bill Lapcevic, Vice President of Business Development, New Relic


“Together Boundary and Pager Duty can dramatically reduce the time to identify and fix application performance issues.  Our solutions work closely together so that when Boundary’s real time analytic engine identifies a performance problem, the issue is automatically escalated to PagerDuty and operations staff is notified via phone, SMS or email.  Customers can be up and running with Boundary and Pager Duty in minutes, getting immediate results.”

Alex Solomon, Co-founder and CEO, PagerDuty


Boundary’s real-time discovery of application topology and data flows is an ideal fit with Plexxi’s ability via Affinities to let your applications direct your network capacity in real time. We are excited to work with Boundary on solutions that meet the fluid and dynamic nature of today’s data center computing needs.

Mat Mathews, VP Product Management, Plexxi


“Boundary’s real-time, always on approach to application performance is the future of monitoring and we’re glad to be involved in this movement from its onset. We’re proud to partner with them to help customers automate and scale Boundary deployments via their Puppet integration”

Luke Kanies, CEO of Puppet Labs


“As someone with a background in Network Engineering, being able to tie in events from the Splunk Storm service with network traffic flows provides huge value. Integrating Splunk Machine Data with Boundary Annotations has immediate impact and is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time.”

Greg Albrecht Kim, Senior Software Engineer, Splunk Storm


“Boundary and uptimeCloud together provide compelling value for enterprises to help control cloud costs and maximize ROI. Boundary’s ability to show how data moves between applications and availability zones paired with uptimeCloud’s cost dashboards and forecasts give users a unique and powerful view to manage their cost of the cloud. Both are SaaS solutions that deliver immediate value.”

Alex Bewley, Chief Technology Officer, Uptime Software

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