All around the world….

Sales reps, managers and executives are sweating it today because it is that dreaded day again – end of quarter.

With Boundary being a monthly model, EOQ doesn’t mean so much to us (and we’re offset by a month anyhow), but I am remembering my past positions and what huge stress (and fun) was created in the final 48 hours of every quarter.

At Nimsoft, we had quarters where we would be at say 30% of the number for the quarter going in to the last couple of days, and somehow come out over target.

If you’ve never worked in that environment I have to say that you are truly missing something. So much happens in so little time that it’s amazing. The rest of the company is glued to the salesforce dashboard….glum to start with and frequent comments of “they’ll never pull it off this time….left too much to do” and then sure enough, the dashboard climbs and climbs until “wow….how the f did they do that” is heard.

But it’s also a stressful time. The pressure and workload on legal, finance, fulfillment also becomes intense – it was not unusual for people to work through the night.

For me….my family figured it out. A stressed and worried and overworked and sleep deprived Gary is not a happy Gary. As my darling fiancee used to tell me “go stay in a hotel for the last week of the quarter – your mind is not here, you may as well not have your body here either”.

Good luck to those sales teams everywhere….nothing like the adrenaline rush of getting those deals over the line at the EOQ.

And just remember, in 3 months you’ll be doing it all again.

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