Zyrion making headway with MSPs as IT performance monitoring business grows

The old ones are the good ones huh - I can’t believe this stuff is still around.

We could go all the way back to 2001 when Fidelia first “burst” on to the scene with claims that they were “quickly becoming a leader” – and here we are 11 years later, gone through multiple acquisitions and yet still they are out there trying to make it happen.

I love the originality of the focus on MSPs….like 20 other vendors can’t already say “been there, done that”.

Oh well, maybe they can build a real business and sell the company again….I kinda like that approach – when the company that you sold fails, buy it back and then go sell it again. Caveat emptor.

I wonder…….lol.

Good luck to them, I’m sure they have a great product.

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